Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Issue 36: Gratz

Me? Updating? What has become of the world?
If you haven't been checking on my dA page, you would be surprised to find this major graphic overhaul. And by overhaul, I mean we have arms, legs, shoes, and permanent fingers. How awesome am I? Extra special thanks to my good buddy on dA, D00pliss385 for the tips on arms and hands. And that leveling reference has nothing to do with me playing a MMORPG. Because I don't. I used to play Maple Story, but no longer.
Anyway, Christmas is coming, and my list is short this year. 2 words: VIDJEO GAYUMZ. Specifically Left 4 Dead. That game is just awesome. I also want a headcrab hat, an Aperture Science mug, a TF2 shirt, and a Companion Cube plush toy... No, I'm not obsessing over Valve Software... today... Oh, and I also want the coolest shirt in the universe: The Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt. I would sit in public areas and Rick Roll people FOREVER. So... yeah. See ya Saturday. Foo's.


Leah said...

ummm...ha ha very funny

Anonymous said...

omg lolerskates. my name. its ian