Monday, January 28, 2008


OMYGOSH I HAVE MADE A GAME!!! This was my final assignment in my animation class (now I get Video Production) and the entire goal is to fly the blue blob guy around and make him collect cheese. Avoid the Pac-Man mutant and the walls or you'll lose points!
Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Boost
X: Brakes
If the cheese disappears, hit the Reset button.
Don't forget to comment with your highscores!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

STICKomix 22/23: Birthday Blues

Due to my inability to update on time, I'm treating you with 2 issues at once! Luckily, they fit the same subject.
This is basically how my holiday season went. Crappy. At least Mario Kart will tide me over until I get the Orange Box on Steam. Ugh. Peace out foos.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Generic Talk Show

Well, I may not have a comic yet, but I do have something better. ANIMATION!!!!!! This was made for my animation class. We had to do a movie about a historical person/event, and then make it as messed up and funny as possible. For mine: Abraham Lincoln brought back from the dead as a zombie to do a talk show. Sorry, it has to be school appropriate, so no gore or fight scenes. Maybe in an uncut version... anyway, ENJOY!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy anniversary, STICKomix!!!

Wow. I can't believe this site has been up for a whole year. I've come a long way from being Weird Comix. I've gotten a bunch of my friends to support me, got some fans off of forums, and more. I want to thank all of the readers for.. aw, god, this feels so sappy. Basically, thanks for reading, people. I'll have the comic celebrating my B-day tomorrow. On a side note, Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson is my new favorite song. I just like songs where the guitar is kinda the singer. Well, see ya'll tomorrow.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Issue 21: Friendly Rivalries part 5

Yay! It's the first comic for 2008! Expect a special comic for my birthday.Which is Wednesday. This is the last comic in the Friendly Rivalries series. Things will get more random and game based in the future. Later!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Maybe I'll be on time in '08.

But it's a stretch. Anyway, Happy New Year fools. Only one year closer to my domination... Anyway, it's close to the 1 year anniversary of STICKomix/Weird Comix, and only 21 issues to show for it. Dayumn, I'm lazy. Well, my birthday is next Wednesday, so be excited. Or thou shalt be slain...BTW, sorry for not updating in a while, I've spent all of the 25th to now at my dads, trapped away from my tablet and Comic Life. :C Still, this Saturday WILL have an update or else... (Wait - I just threatened myself...) Oh, and before I forget, here's a list of what I got for X-mas:

-Nintendo DS
-Yoshi's Island DS
-Game Case w/ extra stylus
-Guitar Hero III
-Guitar Hero controller -returned-
-Flying Alarm Clock from
-WWZD (What Would a Zombie Do?) life decision spinner
-Guinness World Book of Records '08 (a running theme for me)
-Star Wars 30 anniversary book
-Halo calendar

No 360... sad face... Well, a slight chance for mah B-day. Well, TTYL foo's!