Sunday, December 23, 2007

Issue 20: Friendly Rivalries part 4

And you were worried I wouldn't come back. Well I am. And the tablet still won't work for me, so I'm cropping and pasting my butt off just so you can have your internet entertainment on what was supposed to be Saturday but is now Sunday. Nevertheless, enjoy. And yes, we are looking at the word bubble in panel 4. We do see them. We can't tell you everything...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Issue 19: Friendly Rivalries part 3

Fine. The tablet isn't working again. But that's not a problem! Thanks to the magic of scanning/cropping, I have taken a scanned comic and made it great! Now we can finally see who gets to join with Frank and Alex! Yayz. Plus, we got snow again! YAYZ!!!!!!!! TTYL, fools.
EDIT: I fixed an error with the first two panels (Alex's text bubbles were too short) and now it looks blurry. But it's an okay sacrifice for the bubbles. NOW I can ttyl.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

STICKomix ad and (possible) Mini-series

Yep! STICKomix has it's own ad! I don't know if that's good or not, but whatever. An assignment for Animation had us make a banner ad for our school. I was too awesome for that and made it for my site, with this being the end result! Spiffy, eh? If you wanna use this for your site, drop me a line.
Also, I might end up making a "mini-series" for STICKomix called "Commercial Crap". It take the worlds worst TV commercials and makes fun of them. LOVE IT! So, I'll someday have a poll for if you want it or not. Peace out homies!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

STICKomix guest strip - GrimReaper

Well, here is is! The first guest komic to STICKomix! Made by my friend from school, GrimReaper. He's one of my biggest fans. Check out his site he made for school at It's not huge, or overly detailed, but its fun. Plus he has a few of his own comics! So, bask in the awesomeness! I like the part where I get the ASHPD (that's the gun used in the game, Portal, by Half-Life creators, Valve. It... is... FUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!) If you want to send in a guest strip, feel free to send me an IM or a message on Myspace. Remember: keep it clean. PG-13 language at max. Peace out foo's!