Monday, September 1, 2008

Issue 31: The Orange Biz-ox part 3

We're halfway through the Orange Box comics. Heh... Half Life... Half way... Anyways, I planned on doing 2 comics for TF2, 2 for all of the Half Life games, and 2 for Portal. Portal was my favorite of the bunch, so it comes last. I really need to get Garry's Mod now. If anyone would be kind enough to donate 10 bucks to my poor self, it would be appreciated.

In other news, the Mercenaries 2 "Oh No You Didn't" ad let the full version of it's fun little song out on the official website. Check it out. It made me laugh. (No I'm not owned by EA!)

In also important and dreadfully painful news, school starts on Wednesday. Pray for my cursed soul. That's all for now. Check ya'll later!