Saturday, August 23, 2008

Issue 30: The Orange Biz-ox Part 2

Well, it's about frickin' time I got off my lazy butt and did something productive, huh? I've just been enjoying Team Fortress 2 waaaaaaay too much, and with the free weekend going on now, I've been playing with Boe a lot, who just so happened to have given me this comic concept. I might just take him on as an official apprentice for writing...
Speaking of Apprentice, I got to play Soul Calibur 4 last week, and HOLY CRAP! That is the best in the series since the second! I really wish I had a PS3/360! (Preferably PS3 for Vader.) The Apprentice is my absolute best, and has the coolest stance ever! Vader is also good, and has the cheapest throw in the world. And I love it. I also liked the Club. Racing to kill. The faster you kill, the more points you get. It's just AWESOME.
Well, after this, I'm probably gonna do a Portal comic for next week, but for now I'm going to play TF2 and be angry at God of War (if you have any tips for beating the 8th Challenge of the Gods please let me know!!!) Check ya'll later.



G21MR34P3R said...

*clap**clap* now we are even, and its down right amazing to see this comic come into place, we did a great job.