Sunday, August 10, 2008

Issue 29: The Orange Biz-ox Part 1

Yep. I got the Orange Box. And as McDonalds would say, I'm lovin' it. I've already beaten Half-Life 2 and Episode 1, as well as Portal, which is as good as I always thought it would be. But I've really been spending a lot of time on Team Fortress 2, which is the one that I hadn't played previously. Overall, the whole thing was TOTALLY worth $40. And, yes, Boe is an actual friend of mine. He doesn't have TF2, but he was the one who convinced me to purchase it. You can look him up on Steam. Look for Mλ$73R$//G21MR34P3R and tell him I sent you. As for me, you can just search for Pietacular (obviously.) More Orange Box comics to come in the later weeks. Peace out!



G21MR34P3R said...

Dood, i owned your sentry, you gotta watch out for those spies that are digused in spies lol

Pietacular said...

I know, I got a Medic to heal me doing that. Then I shanked him in the spine!