Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Issue 26: Directional

It's a miracle! I actually made a new comic! Hooray.
This is based on a situation we had with my grandmas phone. We were heading to the train, and found that it told us to go the wrong way. We went the right way, and it started complaining about U-turns. For a while, it sounded like it was saying "Illegal U-turn" which brought up some fun jokes about it. This kept up until we got there, when we all decided that I should make a comic about it. Low and behold, bask in the fruits of my labor.
ALSO: Spore Creature creator is the best thing to happen to the internet since the internet. I have made DOZENS of creatures, all viewable on the (slow, but sure) www.spore.com. You can also download the creature creator there. You can even make videos of your creatures and automatically uploads them to YouTube! Check mine out on TotalTortilla's page!