Sunday, November 9, 2008

Issue 35: M.A.T.T.E.L.

It's true you know. They really want to make me angry. And they're doing it. They make me wanna punch children. In their soft, dentable heads. A lot. Oh, and don't worry. The ninjas were defeated easily. They were only 6 year old girls. Go figure.

I finally got Kirby Super Star Ultra. And it is amazing. I also got Garry's Mod and Audiosurf (which was on sale for $2.49). All of which are truly awesome. And stuff. So check them out. (I'm Pietacular on Steam btw.)
And I didn't get to dress up on Halloween. And Joann Fabrics cheated me out of $21. And I hate them for it. Oh well. At least I got Kirby. And I also saw what will happen when the world ends.