Saturday, February 3, 2007

Skoolyard Heroes "trailer"

In a world where people learn... and children are held as slaves from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM... one average teenager will step up and end this tyranny... his name is Frank Allen... he is a Skoolyard Hero! *The Stanglers "No More Heroes" plays in background* Well, this is your sneak peek at my next big production. I am in the middle, and two of my friends are to my sides. That's the Principal in the background. DOOOOOM!!!!! It's basically about the average school-life of a new kid (me) in a new school. PS: Sorry about the lack of updates: I got in a beef with my mom and can only get on if I go to this after-school homework help stuff everyday. Sorry! PSS: This is in no relation to the band Schoolyard Heroes or that old 3D arcade fighter that nobody has heard of. Thank you.


stealthy said...

dude i found your work its pretty cool i didnt think you would actully make a comic about us
p.s make 1 about me dying my hair

Sue said...

Frank - this is your (second) cousin Sue (& Tom). We RE-met you in Prosser last weekend. Your cartoon was great! I love your colors! You are quite the artist! Did you know your uncle Greg was a great artist too? Your dad was always very special to us - guess what, now you get to be one of our most special young people! Say hi to your mom and dad. It was so good to see all of you. Sue & Tom

Lavonne said...

Interesting to know.